Thursday, April 7, 2011

Riverines on the River

With close to 85 degree temps today I decided I would take a shot at the Hot Ditch.  I gave Chesapeake Yachts a call and setup my parking pass with them and gave the river a shot.  I have never fished the Elizabeth River or the Hot Ditch before.  I really wanted to just get out on the water so I could scout it out a bit and see what was around before I took a trip out there at night.  The water was actually pretty warm but the bugs were bad.  didnt manage any fish but it was nice to get out and put the kayak back in the water.  I hear night time is the time to go down there.  Did get a good couple miles paddled.  Hopefully that is a spot that I can turn into a more productive fishing ground this year.

Thinking a night trip maybe this weekend...maybe the bluefish will turn on at rudee? Who knows..stay tuned..



  1. What I forgot to add into this entry was that the Navy Riverines were out on the river strutting their stuff and it was cool to see them "DOIN WORK"

  2. Love your blog. It's a lesson in relaxation. I'm 51, I've had my first kayak, a 10', for a month now. I've been gettin my feet and butt wet in a lake. I'm still at the stage of when I see something swims past it startles me.