Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dust it off....

I took the opportunity to clean a few reels up today for the upcoming season.  With all this crappy weather and the prospect of having to work for the next 72 hours straight I figured i could get my gear all settled.  Found that my Stradic has a few bent gears I'm guessing because its not reeling very smoothly. Hope to get the Kayak out this weekend and clean it up.  I would like splash it for the first time next week.  Kayak Wars has started (KAYAK Wars Standings)  I'm fishing in the Northeast division this year under Team Lowtide.  As you can see there is already quite a lead posted by a few locals to this area.  Hopefully this will be a good year.  It seems that every year I learn more and more about fishing from the kayak.  Warm summer mornings filled with flounder at Rudee are right around the corner...  Most excited for the chance at some big reds in May.

Cleaning the reels up..

Stay warm everyone


Monday, March 28, 2011

A new season is upon us....

As spring has sprung..well kinda...Its snowing today,  Still wearing shorts as i type this.  We are upon another season of fair-weather kayak fishing.  I say that because I just cant push myself to put the cold water gear on and drag myself out in 38 degree water and chase Rockfish at the ships.  This season I hope to be able to document my trips a little bit better and write about them here. Already plan my first big trip for May.  I'm looking to get a group together to Kayak across "Blackbeards Channel" to Smith Island and fish form the surf for big Drum.  This weak I plan to get the yak out clean it up and de-winterize it and get ready for my first trip in a week or so to dust off the cobwebs.  Ill be sure to let you know how everything goes.