Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another day closer...

As we get closer and closer to my first trip of the season, I decided to take advantage of the nice weather today and organize and clean everything up.  I wanted to go over some of my safety gear and make sure that everything was working properly.  

Picture above is what I usually carry on a normal trip.  Firefly Strobe light, Emergency whistle, a sharp knife and a pair of nail clippers.  Also stored in my hull I have a tent and drybag that i store some protein bars and dry clothes.

I broke out my Virginia Game Fish Tagging box.  It holds all my gear used to tag fish of different species.

Yak is on top and ready to go.....Not just yet..Next stop is a good cleaning and make sure all my seals are still good. 

This year I hope to really get out and fish different bodies of water.  I would like to possibly get out and get some Rainbow Trout down in Chesapeake this week if possible.  I have yet to put the kayak in fresh water and that would be a first for me.  In July I will be going up to Maine with my fiancĂ© for a family reunion and will have s hot at Salmon and Trout.  I hope to make it a good fishing year.  Well thats all that I have for now...A few more days and ill be back in the water..


Ready to Go

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