Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1 for 3....

I had been looking forward to this 3 day break of mine.  The previous week I was battling a cold and home sick for a few days.  I was really hoping to spend 3 solid days out on the water.  Well it just was not meant to be.  I did get one day in Rudee Inlet.  Started my day at 10AM, launching from Owl Creek ramp.  I paddled out to the Jetty to throw some lures around and ride the incoming tide into the Inlet.  Heard reports of bluefish earlier in Lake Wesley but didn't bother to venture back there.  I set up on the wall and drifted some live minnows along the bottom  hoping for some flounder. Fished  under the bridge for a bit with a few hits but couldn't hang anything.  Worked my way back to the police docks while trolling a lure behind me and didn't come up with anything but a few small hits.   It was a pretty day on the water with the real nice looking water.  Lots of fellow yakers out there too.  Hopefully this wind settles down and I can get a few days in the water.

The next 2 days we had heavy winds and storms that kept me off of the water.  I guess better luck next time.  Here are a few pics from my trip.

Tight Lines...

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