Monday, October 15, 2012

2 days of Elizabeth River Speck'n

So the past few days a friend of mine has been doing pretty good on the Rivah.  I had been wanting to get out and give it a shot.  This year I kinda skipped over the speck fishing and the ER all together.  I guess I;m more of a fair weather fisherman?  I got a few tips about the bite that has been going on and decided to give it a shot.  I set out with my buddy Rob Lee.  He had recently bought a kayak and has the fishing bug hard!  We set off and paddled to a few spots.  Today was going to be more of a scouting trip.  I wanted to try a few spots that I had seen on google maps.

We stopped at a few spots and caught fish.  Rob got his first keeper fish from his kayak.  He was pretty stoked about that.  It was a nice speck that came in at 16.5 in.  We stuck around that spot for a while and picked up a few puppy drum too.  I love the color on the river fish.  They carry that nice gold hue to them.

In total we put 7 miles in the water.  It was a long day with just over 7 hours spent on the water but we covered alot of ground.  I picked a few spots that I wanted to fish in the coming weeks and started to develop a plan for finding the bigger specks.

We ended our day on the water with a nice sunset....

I put together a short video from that day on the water.. we can call it Part 1...

PART 2....Today!!!

With everything that I picked up from the previous trip I wanted to go out and put it to use this morning.  I got to the launch before the sun came up and was on the water in the dark.  It was calm and cool out.  I had my game plan set and was gonna do this trip solo.  The paddle out was easy as no current or wind to throw me around.  I got to the spot and started fishing.  It took awhile for it to really pick up but once it was light out it all turned on. All in all today I caught 8 fish.  6 of them were keepers but were all released back into the river to get bigger.  I got alot of video but the battery died about half way in.  I missed a few fish and had a few follow the lure all the way to the boat and then split when it saw me.  I didnt get any big gator trout but my biggest was 19 in.  The sunrise was beautiful and that alone was worth coming out that early.  It was a great morning to be out there and look forward to hitting it up in the near future again.


First fish of the day

wheres my rula?

I threw together another video form todays trip filled with a few hookups before the battery died.



  1. Looks like a great day on the water. Not so sure you'll be wearing swim trunks the next time out though - LOL!

  2. I grew up in New York..this weather doesnt phase me!!

  3. Nice catch dude. Love the pics.