Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Addition to the fleet: Tarpon 140

This week I headed up to Appomattox River Company and picked up my new Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140.  Of course there is only one color kayak for me.  I was pretty excited to add a second boat to the fleet this year.  Since I started kayak fishing, I have fished from a Ride 135.  The Ride 135 is a fantastic boat,  Unmatched stability and tons of room to fish from.  The tarpon is a much smaller and faster kayak. 

When you first look at the Tarpon 140 you notice that is has the sleek lines of a Wilderness boat.  It just looks fast.  It is noticeably thinner in width then the Ride series too.  I picked the boat and lifted it onto my Jeep.  Strapped it down and headed back to the southside.  3 days of warm weather ahead, I wanted to try and get on the water at least one of them.


Phase 3 seat is super comfortable and adjustable.  The Ride has a great seat that I fell in love with but this one blows it out of the water.

Like I said before...It looks fast.

I was surprized at the amount of storage space that this thing had.

Plenty of track space to mount any and everything you need.

All in all this boat performed very well for me on my first day.  Hopefully later this spring I can give a little more indepth review on it.  Its only been on the water once and in some windy conditions it did great.  It even got smiled up a little bit too.   Stay tuned for that fishing report here soon!!


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