Saturday, August 31, 2013

Skinny Water and a Big Visitor!!

Can you top a scene like that?  Sometimes I find myself on the water in situations where you cant beat the beauty of being on the water.  In the motorless world of kayaks the silence can be deafening at times.  its not necessarily a bad thing,  I can understand how a group like Heroes on the Water can be so successful.  After a busy few weeks packed with stress, A few hours on the water can re-energize and refresh.  I hit one of my favorite places to fish.  Midway up Virginia's Eastern Shore.  There was a placed I passed on fishing many times.  Today would be different.  I was gonna venture into some water that like everywhere up there looked super fishy.  The winds were pretty easy going to begin the trip.  I worked against heavy current trying to hug the sides of the feeder stream.  I hit a flat looking for signs of schooling fish in hopes of getting some pullage.  Then right off my left side I saw it in the water.  In my time spent on the water I don't think I have ever had such a feeling of excitement and fear run through me at the same time.  a large dark shadow right out in front of me.  7-8-9 feet long.  I'm not totally sure on the size but I know it was big enough to make me think about moving to much and causing a commotion in the water.  It circled me once more then likely thinking the same thing I was," Who is that good looking dude in the kayak".  I snapped a photo and he took off.  It was amazing seeing a shark that big and something I wont soon forget.

After all the excitement I worked my way back to where my original plan put me.  With the tide high it gave me plenty of water from 2-4ft.  I found some submerged grass beds and it was game on.  Throwing a spinner bait out in front of the fish produced some great results.

The most exciting type of fishing is when you can see the fish stalk your bait.  Once I figured out the pattern of where these fish were feeding and how to set up to cast to them things worked out great.  On the ultra lite setups they were a blast.  I intended to get the fly rod out but having so much fun I forgot I had it with me.  

After a few money fish It was getting late.  With a little bit of a drive to get back home I knew I should be heading in.  The wind had changed direction while I was out fishing and it was a long hard paddle back.  It took twice the amount of time to get back compared to going out.  All in all it was a great day.  Good exercise and some quality fishing.   Go out there and challenge yourself to find new water.  Don't be afraid to go out and not catch fish.  The greatest risk you can take is not taking one at all.  Challenge yourself to learn more about these fish and how they behave.  It will make for a more satisfying experience on the water in the end.

Kendall and Russ showing off in Lynnhaven

My favorite pic from the trip.


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