Monday, March 28, 2011

A new season is upon us....

As spring has sprung..well kinda...Its snowing today,  Still wearing shorts as i type this.  We are upon another season of fair-weather kayak fishing.  I say that because I just cant push myself to put the cold water gear on and drag myself out in 38 degree water and chase Rockfish at the ships.  This season I hope to be able to document my trips a little bit better and write about them here. Already plan my first big trip for May.  I'm looking to get a group together to Kayak across "Blackbeards Channel" to Smith Island and fish form the surf for big Drum.  This weak I plan to get the yak out clean it up and de-winterize it and get ready for my first trip in a week or so to dust off the cobwebs.  Ill be sure to let you know how everything goes.


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